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The permanent museum exhibition is accompanied by temporary museum exhibitions, which present chosen topics and current events from the field of alpinism, mountain climbing and hiking in greater detail. With temporary exhibitions we wish to connect to similar institutions at home and in the world.

Welcome to our temporary exhibitions:


Previous exhibitions

40th Anniversary of Slovenia’s first ascent to Mount Everest

40th Anniversary of Slovenia's first ascent to Mount Everest, temporary museum exhibition, May 13th  to May 21st 2019.      

“Katuns” of the Kuči Mountains

"Katuns" of the Kuči Mountains. photography exibition, from April 4th to May 5th 2019.

70 Years of Tolmin Mountain Rescue Service

From February 8th  to March  22nd 2019: 70 Years of Tolmin Mountain Rescue Service, temporary photography exibition.  

Nativity scene in museum

From December 21st to February 2nd 2019. Nativity scene in museum, temporary museum exhibition.  


From December 7th 2018 to February 2nd 2019 #ILoveMountains, photography exibition  

Avgust Delavec – Impressions of His Life And Work

Avgust Delavec - Impressions of His Life And Work From October 12th  to December 7th 2018.