The way is the story – the story is the way

In the Slovenian Alpine Museum the past and the future go hand in hand. A rich collection of items with diverse historical stories, rich photographic and archive material, and a comprehensive professional library give the visitor the chance to grasp the popularity and importance of the mountaineering activity in the Slovenian territory.

The collected objects, documents, photographs, events, occurrences and stories have been joined together in the story about the development of the mountaineering activity in Slovenia. Modern audio-visual aids and entertaining inserts in individual content groups connect the story with the present time.

The introduction movie The Lights of the Mountains shows the beauty of the Slovenian landscape, with special stress on the mountain part of our country and its geographic and flora and fauna diversity. The movie is at the same time an invitation to the Museum and Slovenian mountain world.

The exhibition is partly adapted for the blind and visually impaired and is accompanied by temporary exhibitions which complement the contents of the existing exhibition and make it even more interesting.