The treasury of the Slovenian mountaineering heritage

The collections in the new Slovenian Alpine Museum are the result of a long lasting collecting and efforts of individuals and clubs to preserve the memory and love to mountain world and all the activities connected with it. The basis of the Slovenian Alpine Museum presents the Triglav Museum Collection, comprising of objects and documentation, collected all over the Slovenian territory.

Today, the collection of the Slovenian Alpine Museum comprises of more than 3,600 items, of which 450 objects are displayed. And saved in the depots of the Slovenian Alpine Museum, we also keep collections of the archive material, old postcards and photographs, as well as the entire collection of Mountain Journals, from the first edition until today. The Museum library is well stocked with professional literature and literary works. The collections are managed by trained curators, restorers and conservators.

The insight into the individual collection can be arranged with the Custodians.

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Photo library

Offers around 1,000 original photographs, reproductions and digital photos from early and recent history of Slovenian mountaineering. Most of the material will be digitalized in order to enable a faster and easier access. Part of the photographs can be seen in the context of the permanent exhibition.


More than 1,000 items of professional literature and literary works are available to curators and researchers who study the history of mountaineering. The Museum library keeps all issues of Mountain Journals, classic works of the Slovenian mountaineering history (Kugy, Kunaver, Lovšin, Tuma, Mlakar, …), numerous publications from Slovenian mountaineering clubs (collected editions), manuals, etc.

Movie archive

The Museum movie archive represents the collection of documentary and acted movies with alpine and mountaineering contents. Most of the movies can be seen at the permanent exhibition. The movies were contributed by: the Slovenian movie archive at ARS, the Mountaineering Association of Slovenia, individuals and various Slovenian and foreign institutions.

Archive material

The material is available to the visitors and all mountaineering history enthusiasts. In the future, we will offer also the possibility of a digital insight and usage of the collected documentary and photo material.