Thursday, August 2nd  2018, 7 p. m.

Finally we’ve got it!

introductory film Slovenian Alpine Museum.

The premiere will be on Thursday, August 2nd  2018, at 7 p. m. before:

K2 and the Invisible Footman

Pakistan, 2015 (54’)
Director: Iara Lee
Screenplay: Iara Lee
Director of Photography: Jawad Sharif
Language: English, Urdu
Subtitles: English
Awards: Women Film Maker’s Section Award for best documentary at Dhaka International Film Festival 2016.

Cameras follow the indigenous porters who assist climbers in their efforts to reach the summit of the Earth’s second-highest mountain.

K2 is widely seen as the world’s harshest mountain. Yet many indigenous porters make a living in its extreme conditions, carrying provisions for foreign climbing expeditions. Often risking their lives with only rudimentary equipment, they receive minimal pay for their efforts. Against a backdrop of breathtaking natural beauty, this cinematic doc explores the everyday courage and sacrifice of the men who call the ‘Savage Mountain’ their home.