Mojstrana – just a step away from the heart of the Julian Alps

Slovenian Alpine museum in Mojstrana got his place at the entrance to the Triglav National Park, the only Slovenian national park, and the valley door that leads to the mighty wall of Triglav.

Village Mojstrana (641 m), which lies at the mouth of the Sava River Bistrica Triglav Dolinka, can praise itself with a healing climate and rich mountain tradition. It is the birthplace of many famous Slovenian athletes. With its rich historical, ethnological and natural heritage is a nice excursion destination for lovers of nature and cultural heritage. Mojstrana is an ideal starting point for many hikes in the Julian Alps and Karavanke.

Discovering Mojstrana

The Slovenian Alpine Museum together with tourist and mountain guides has prepared many interesting programs which will make your day in Mojstrana and its surroundings a great experience to remember.

For families, groups, co-workers or clubs, we organize professionally guided tours to the most attractive places, with an exquisite cultural, natural or historical character.


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