From November 10th  2017 to August 26th 2018

On the Top of the Mountains by the Sky,

photography exhibition about optical phenomena in the mountains

Why is the sky blue?

Why do mountains and hills sometimes seem so close?

What could be better than marvelling at the sun’s rays bursting through the clouds?

Isn’t it magical to look at Triglav and enjoy its play of colours at sunset? The sky is blazing – is St. Nicholas baking biscuits again?

Is there anything louder and more terrifying than a thunderstorm in the mountains? Happiness or terror?

When do we feel special, as if chosen by Mother Earth? Upon what sign of nature do we fall silent and think: This is my lucky day!

The aim of the exhibition is to give simple and understandable explanations and demonstrations of the most common optical phenomena that might be encountered in the mountains, and the tools nature uses in their creation. A few simple physical experiments and fun facts from the history of mountaineering have been added for better understanding.


Become attentive observers of Planet Earth!