Hints and solutions for Mount Triglav Challenge

WARNING: Hints and solutions are only intended to those who have already taken up the Triglav Challenge. We advise you not to spoil the fun by checking out these hints before playing the game.

Opening of the mystery box

Did you open the corner side of the box?

Did you pull up the pin that is hiding in the opening?

Move the entire box while the bottom part stays in it’s place (see photo)

Pull the string.

Someone should lift the lid while the other is pulling the string.

Wooden box opening: quiz

Read the green information cards carefully and answer the quiz questions.

Did you find all 13 green information cards?

If not, there are more in the secret bottom.

Did you add up the values ​​of the correct answers?

If you are unsure about a particular question, guess the final code by trying different numbers on the green lock.

Opening a metal entry box


Trail selection

To solve this challenge you need:

  • A4 instructions (blue) – trail selection
  • Green information card: mountain trail difficulty
  • Map

Which of the circumstances of our three friends is the most important?

What parts of the body do we need to climb a very demanding route? Help yourself with the card: Mountain Trail Difficulty

Trail duration

To solve this challenge you need:

  • A4 instructions (blue) – trail duration
  • Map
  • Curvimeter
  • Green info card: cartography

How many kilometers (and relative altitude) is it from Mojstrana to Lengarjev rovt in the Kot valley?

What are all the circumstances we need to consider when estimating the duration of the trail?

What is the impact of individual abilities and what is the impact of the group on the duration of the journey?

How much rest, given the length of the trip, should our three friends take?


To solve a task you need:

  • A4 instructions (blue) – equipment selection
  • Green info card: mountaineering equipment

Did you read the card: Mountaineering Equipment?

Did you divide the equipment into three columns?

What equipment is in the necessary column?

Not sure what equipment is necessary? Try different options according to the key. You are looking for a Slovenian word for number.

Key “Long pants (9) =  S” means that the 9th letter in the word / phrase is S; “Hat and gloves (10) = V” means that 10th letter in the word / phrase is V.


To solve this challenge you need:

  • A4 instructions (blue) – orientation
  • Map
  • Compass
  • Green info card: Cartography

Did you read the card: Cartography and orient the map correctly?

Have you figured out how to calculate azimuth?

If the azimuth of the north is 0˚ or 360˚, it means that the mountain we are looking for is almost in the north.

Which mountain is almost in the north and is less than 4km (1: 50000) away from Triglav?

The height of mountain is: 2501m

This mountain has a Slovenian number hidden in its name.


You need a signpost with symbols to solve this challenge.

Do you have all four solutions from the blue challenges?

Check each solution thoroughly. Solutions are whole numbers.

Read the introductory instruction. What does this hint mean: “The most beautiful view in the mountains always comes after the rain”?

To reveal the secret of the signpost, pour water on the signpost.

Multiplication must be completed before addition and subtraction.